Responsible Advertising and Children Programme

Since 1996, the RAC programme has brought together brand owners, agencies and the media at a global level to anticipate and understand societal and parental aspirations regarding responsible marketing communications and children.

Advertising to children is a very sensitive issue. Some people think all advertising to children should be banned. We believe that in today’s media-filled world, this is neither practical nor desirable.

Brands can play a valuable and meaningful role in children’s lives. They can excite, entertain, educate and inform. They can bring colour, fun and laughter. We believe that such products can be marketed to children as long as strict criteria are met.

The Responsible Advertising and Children Programme helps brands identify what those criteria are. Effectively, what does it mean to advertise in a responsible manner products which have innate appeal to children? How can these brand owners future-proof their longer-term license to operate?

global brands who attend RAC quarterly meetings in Brussels to address the issues of highest priority to brand owners

people globally are part of the RAC network and have a direct stake in the sensitive issue of marketing and children

Upcoming 2021 meetings

To be announced soon.